National Association of School Psychologists

By DAACS | February 26, 2019

Improving Interventions: Development of the Implementer Perception of Intervention Survey

Authors: Jacqueline Slemp, Devora Panish, Erica Pawlo, Timothy Cleary


The Implementer Perception of Intervention Survey (IPIS) was developed to evaluate academic support personnel’s perceptions of the usability, feasibility, and importance of an academic intervention for developmental, entry-level college students. Principal axis factoring of the IPIS yielded a two-factor structure. The factors were labeled perceived acceptability and perceived usability. Practitioners can adapt the IPIS for use in a variety of academic interventions and educational contexts.

Self-Regulation in an Online Classroom: Linking Student Profiles to Success

Authors: Erica Pawlo, Jacqueline Slemp, Timothy Cleary, Jamal Waire, Thomas Gambino, Amanda Austin


Self-regulated learning (SRL) is important for academic success, particularly for contexts requiring autonomous, self-directed behavior. Using cluster analysis with a large sample of online college students, we examined the nature of different profiles of SRL developed from three key dimensions of SRL (strategy use, metacognition, and motivation) and how these profiles relate to achievement. Four profiles emerged that may help practitioners identify at-risk students and provide intervention supports as students transition to an online college.