DAACS is funded by the Department of Education in the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education First in the World grant program. Excelsior College is working in partnership with Western Governors University, Rutgers University, and the University at Albany. DAACS is an open source project. Institutions are free to use and adapt DAACS for the specific needs of their students.

In the news!

Project Director

Jason Bryer, Ph.D., Excelsior College

Co-Project Directors

Timothy Cleary, Ph.D., Rutgers University
Heidi Andrade, Ed.D., University at Albany


Amy Gurmuth, Ph.D.

Advisory Committee

Jason Levin, MBA,
Western Governors University
Phil Winne, Ph.D.,
Simon Fraser University
Anastasia Kitsantas, Ph.D.,
George Mason University
Glenn Braddock, Ph.D.,
Excelsior College
Lisa Daniels, Ph.D.,
Excelsior College
Francesco Crocco, Ph.D.,
Excelsior College
Abbe Herzig, Ph.D.,
Excelsior College

Other Personnel

Excelsior College
Angela Lui, M.S.
Jeanne Mannarino, M.A.
Jane Weyers
Bethany de Barros
Patti Croop
Brian McCaffery
Western Governors University
Chelsea Barnett, M.Ed.
Jessica Stokes, M.S.
University at Albany
Diana Akhmedjanova, M.S.
Kara Hogan, Ph.D.
David Franklin, M.S.
Fusun Sahin, M.S.
Bracha Schnaidman, M.S.
Nikki Schreihofer, M.A.
Erica Pawlo